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Arabian Nights Every First Friday

Arabian Nights

Come join the merry mob and celebrate all that is Arabic, whether you are an Arabic native speaker, have a planned trip to Morocco or simply curious about the Arabic culture, Arabain Nights is the place for you

Please join the Melbourne Arabic meetup group on Zoom every first Friday of the month ​
Second Wednesday Monthly Every First Friday

Camberwell Networkers

An open invitation to anyone who lives, works or would like to network in Camberwell! Join us for an informal networking get together in Camberwell, anytime between 7.30am and 9.00am on the second Wednesday of the month.
Come as you are – business or casual clothing! For more details, contact Sue Ellson +61 402 243 271 or visit

Every Weekday at 8PM Every First Friday

Online Startup Launcher

Description: Launch your startup using our software tools and weekly online meetups. We are building the next generation of great startups and we are doing it differently. We are not an incubator nor an accelerator we are a Certified Launcher Program, our goal is to help you launch within 60 days for free. We convene weekly online to see where you are and to help you out through advisory services. We are a passionate team looking to help you for free! Come talk to us!

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A peculiar bunch that believe everyone should be able to enjoy their time in Melbourne regardless of budget. Its why we created this central platform for all freeee events around Melbourne.
​ The concept behind freeee is that there is always something for freeee. That means that each event listed on our platforms have something freeee (of charge) to offer; be it freeee entry, drinks, food, take-home tokens and many more.
​ In doing so, we strive to maximise the benefit, whatever it may be, you make of your experience.

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