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Disputes and complaints

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Capable, fast and agile

Our proof reading process is simple and fast. Its so fast that our dedicated reviewers promise to finish your work from 1 business day*. Your imagination will be our benchmark and your instructions our blueprint.

Love us, or leave us

We think you'll love us, but if it's not meant to be then we'll reimburse you the service fee.

Billing with logic

Our pricing scheme is on a per page basis, ensuring that you don't pay more than what you need.

Your privacy is protected

We only use secure software to ensure you are protected from the loss or theft of your data or its unlawful distribution.

Articles & research papers

This is the most common request for proof reading we receive and covers a fairly wide variety of documentation, usually academic or professional in nature. Academic articles typically contain rich and highly technical text and are of a larger volume (essentially, think of anything over 10 pages long). A common example is a university essay or a workplace report. Ask us how we can help with yours!


Formal or informal, your letter always comes with a purpose. We can help you convey your purpose as you intend it and, in most instances, exceed your expectations. We are especially experienced in cover letters for job applications as well as dispute/complaint writing.


Powerful and effective, your resume is the key to achieving success in your career. Whether you’re looking to get a foot in the door or you’re a expert in your field looking to get a second eye on your resume, ask us how we can help with your resume.

Applications & short answers

This covers all online or paper based applications and forms. The most common examples are job applications but we do also specialise in academic admissions too. From cover letters to short answer questions, there’s no area you can’t ask us for help with.


Disputes, they’re hard to avoid. Take this example, you disagree with your car insurer for quoting you a lower than market value for your written down car. You decide to write a complaint to them. A well articulated and concisely written complaint is powerful. It empowers you by increasing the likelood that you get what you’re after for your car. Ask us how we can help, we promise you won’t regret it.


Prices Pay as you go 5 pages 10 pages 20 pages Unlimited
Resume/cover letter $7/page $32 ($6.4/page) $59 ($5.9/page) $99 ($4.95/page) Custom
Complaints $9/page $42 ($8.4/page) $79 ($7.9/page) $139 ($6.95/page) Custom
Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom

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