Continuous Education

You don’t have to be a uni student or in retirement to acquire time for learning. Here’s how to keep your intellect growing wherever you are in life.

These days it can get very difficult to find the time or place to keep your mind stimulated. The regular Melburnian is driven by career and family commitments and these can be quite time consuming so its no surprise that you haven’t exercised your thinking muscles in a while. If you’re a person that longs for intellectual stimulation, here’s how you can still educate yourself routinely:

  • Use your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts’ home page to link up with the latest videos and articles on your field of interest. For example keep up to date with the latest in Australian and global news, by liking the ABC news page

  • Subscribe to newsletter mailing lists for your work industry (E.g. Are you a nurse? Subscribe to nursing & midwifery board of Australia)

  • Visit your local Council office and find out if there are meetup groups for your occupation or profession.

  • Attend upcoming events like talks or open discussions

  • If you’re a keen walker or cyclist, extend your route to include a guided educational tour on the history of your city

  • Browse the internet for a multitude of free educational events from talks, public lectures to open discussions on a range of worldly topics. You can browse our own platform. Here let us enlighten you –

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