More than just Parking

This page features freeee parking, but that’s just a taste of what’s ahead. Read on to see how we’ve got you covered for whatever your city needs are.

Public Toilets

For when nature calls find the facilities nearest to you


Melbourne’s graffiti is an unmatched worldly delight. Its not unusual to catch a glimpse of the talented artists themselves live at work.


Well, because Melbourne.

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Disclaimer: Data shown below is not comprehensive and is based on the data provided through a number of public services

Melbourne Map


Everyone knows that one of Melbourne’s  sweetest deals is the Free Tram Zone. You know, the one that allows you to catch a tram for free as long as both origin and destination are within the free tram zone.

As with most free things, the Free Tram Zone came about through a series of events that involved a couple of friends, an idea and a very rapid growth rate.

To read more about how this story came to be then wonder on to the ‘Tramsurance’ story in the link below.

Tram 86

Did you know that along many of the Tram routes in Melbourne, that you can find splendid Graffiti artworks that can inspire and move your imagination?

The main route that comes to mind is the tram 86 route that passes across an array of well-implemented building arts, and please check the map to the side for a sample of what you can find and where.

Note: These artworks regularly changes making ever tram ride seem like a new adventure.